I think that it’s important to have intention with what we choose to represent ourselves in life. It gears us towards creating the life we are meant to be living. My art is my way of having intention and sharing things I believe in with the world. Tshirts are a great way of connecting with other like minded people. I hope my line gives my customers a way to form their own intention by wearing something they believe in close to their body but also being able to engage and attract other people by the simple act of wearing an interesting graphic. This little rambling thought bubble was brought on by a quote I recently read.

Everyone holds a mix of opinions, beliefs, and expectations on a myriad of subjects. When you give your attention to something, that Vibration becomes activated and comes to the forefront. And the more often you focus upon it, and cause it to come to the forefront, the more dominant it becomes.
-E. Hicks


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