COMMUNITY : Wing Wings, San Fransisco, Ca

There’s a new restaurant opening today in the Lower Haight section of San Fransisco, California. The owner is one of my oldest friends, Christian Ciscle. I’ve known this man since kindergarten when my mom used to baby sit him and we’d sit for hours back to back in the tree house reading books. Though I moved away in first grade somehow our friendship has lasted all these years. I believe it has something to do with the fact that we were born just two days apart, Christian on 1/23/73 and me on 1/25/73. Over the past thirty odd years even though we are very different, we have shown up with the same hair cut, wearing the same shirt or having just bought the same dumb wash cloth from Chinatown. The point of all this is that I’m finding it funny, amazing and really not surprising that at the ripe old age of 38 we both are managing to start our own businesses, opening the same month, same year.

Christian is an amazing cook. He has been working in the field all his adult life. He has planned out, advised on and opened other people’s highly successful and innovative restaurants from Portsmouth, MA to San Fransisco, CA to Baltimore, MD. Christian went to the California Culinary Academy in the 90’s and immediately after helped his partner, Dave Sherman, open Big Sherms, a Lower Haight fixture from back when Upper Playground was just a tiny record store. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Chris has gone home to that hood to open his own spot.

Wing Wings’ wings come from free-range, naturally fed California chickens from Pitman Family Farms, which are air-chilled, not frozen, and are PETA-endorsed. The fried chicken wings come in five, 10, and 25-piece portions, with copious sauce options such as classic buffalo, Korean style, honey mustard, BBQ, and an original Wing Wings sauce. You can add toppings like fresh bacon crumbles or chopped chiles. All of Christian’s ingredients are fresh, never frozen. Wing Wings’ menu will also offer chicken salad, fresh biscuits, pickles, plantains, and fruit pies.

All my California people better jump on Wing Wings because from the press it’s getting, the lines are probably gonna start with the door opening today.

Opening June 15: Wing Wings 422 Haight (at Webster), 834-5001.
M, W, TH, F- 11am-midnight
Sat, Sun – 11am -2am
(closed tuesdays boy has got to sleep sometime!)

Wing Wings, San Fransisco Ca

getting ready for opening day

One Response to “COMMUNITY : Wing Wings, San Fransisco, Ca”

  1. Sue Seaman Says:

    That was a nice tribute, Erin. You and Chris and Asa where often at my house too back in day . Wonderful to see how you all succeeded. Congratulations, Chris. I love wings. If I were near, I’d come. Hope hundreds of “near” people do just that!

    Sue Seaman

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