You Carry Your Weight Well

A few days ago following a link my friend Meghan posted on facebook, I took part in an online art project. It was simple to take part. The process was as easy as adding an image and text to the live journal being created by participants all over the world. Below I let the artists explain what the project is about in their own words. For me it was a way to connect to other people through art and expression in a way unfamiliar to myself. My art tends to be so old school in a way, pen and ink, illustrative, figurative, tangible. My brain just doesn’t do media based, conceptual, intangible. I really appreciated the opportunity to to be able to take part in something so foreign to my way of creating art. I’d like to thank the artists behind this project but they haven’t even added their names to the site… mysterious! An anonymous world wide media based socio-scientific art piece! Fantastic

And now what the project is about in the artists own words lifted from “You carry your weight well.”  

“You carry your weight well.” A phrase that many of us, especially women, hear as a supposed compliment about the manner in which flesh and skin are distributed over bone structure.

“You carry your weight well.”  This project responds to that statement with questions.  What weight?  Which weight?  What of my substance is invisible to you, and how or why does that make me more attractive, acceptable, comfortable, or aesthetically congruent with societal and cultural expectations?

We ask — “What is the weight that you carry?”  What do you carry with you, always, that your body hides and your face conceals?

We created this space to give anyone who desires to do so an opportunity to share a weight carried within.  In so doing, we aim to complicate the popular conception of weight as negative.  Even our most difficult experiences, coded into our bodies, can be a source of strength, wisdom, growth, and vitality.  We may carry the weight of specific incident or trauma, of oppression, of patriarchy, of expectation, of guilt.  Or, perhaps we carry the weight of responsibility, of joy, of belonging, of hope, of love.  Perhaps we are lost in our own weighty words and thoughts. Maybe we each carry all of these weights, balancing them on one hip or the other, switching arms when the first can no longer bear the weight, adjusting and monitoring so that we can move through the world with power and grace.

Our weight, substance, mass, the stuff of our being.  We carry it well.

To see my contribution to the project go here ERIN

To contribute yourself go HERE

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