Art is a vehicle for knowledge.

It transcends humanity’s barriers of time, language and race.

Color, form and symbol can convey a story to the viewer’s subconscious.

My work aims to reach deep into the collective awareness we hold as one people populating this planet, striving to inform and connect.

Three by designer and illustrator Erin Cadigan was started in the summer of 1997. That summer Erin made a hundred shirts printed with the design of an alien sitting like a Buddha over the earth and moon with the words “i believe”. She sold them while traveling around the country, seeing live music and living in her van. The brand has grown slowly and organically over the past fourteen years. Each year while traveling Erin would release a new limited edition shirt, eventually adding prints and a pendant. Every design was based on reading Erin did about science, religion, cultures and aliens. Every design had a meaning.

Eventually Erin lost the ability to travel as much as the pressures of her fashion career intensified. While she loved designing; the wasteful attitude of the industry, restrictions of 9 to 5 and having a boss were so not her. In 2010 after 6 years she had had enough. She went back to focusing on what she believed in. Design with meaning, sustainable practices, freedom and making cool shit. . S/S 2011 is the first full line of t-shirts and prints by THREE Erin Cadigan.





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