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CROP CIRCLES: Is the Kundalini Awakening?

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first chakra

First two formations of 2011 mimic the Root Muladhara Chakra

Well it has not been as easy as I thought to follow and comment on every crop circle formation this year. Times flies when you run a small business and also try to have a life. Things fall through the cracks. Some things you really want to do get put off until tomorrow. Next thing you know tomorrow has become a month! I have stopped through at the Crop Circle Connector site to check things out and there are a few I’d like to comment on.

I will not be posting any photos of the formations instead I will include links to websites that work with the artists and photographers whose profession it is to record this phenomenon. I realized that this is the respectful way to share these researchers work.

It has been an amazing year for the circles with formations popping up in new places in the world, twin formations, circles forming in new types of crop fields and unusual structures containing no curves or circles at all. The forms started extremely early this year in January and since then there have been 34 in various countries around the globe plus 34 in the UK where most formations are seen. It is my personal belief that the circles are universal messages being sent to the population of this planet. The message is starting to spread with some urgency. What is the message? I think that the message is open to interpretation by the individual. Crop circles take place in public view (though often on private land). The message is for all of us should we be bothered to listen. Each person on this planet is connected to the source of these circles, because we are all connected to one another and every atom of matter that exists. Through physical matter flows an intelligent energy that animates it. There for if we allow ourselves to be still and listen, we will find an answer speaks to us.

Even with my limited exposure and attention over the past 15 or so years I’m finding the message to be a powerful one. At the very least these formations say that the universe is alive with intelligence and mystery. The geometric, mathematical exactness speaks of a vast order and pattern underlying all that is created in this world both seen and unseen. As the years have gone by the formations have gotten more intensely complicated and beautiful. I believe the universe is trying to get our attention. I cannot say with certainty what or who is creating the formations, no one can but for me the messenger is not as important as the message. What is obvious is the creator is bigger and more omnipotent then us.

There does seem to be two specific message threads that flow through the formations across the years. I find these to be the common human discussions of destruction verses salvation. The circles seem to speak of the slow, and now rapidly increasing, death of our physical environment. They speak in warning tones, now showing up in places that have had bad natural disasters occur in recent years. Yet they also speak of a heightening and raising of human consciousness. There is a distinct tone of hope and awareness, a mirror being held to human kind that we can be and are becoming so much more. For example the twin formations on Jan 23, 2011 and Jan 25, 2011 in Java. The first forming in an area where there had been a violently destructive volcano eruption just a few months before, the second had suffered a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in 2006. Both cost much in damage and loss of human lives. Yet the formation themselves looked extremely similar to the ancient symbol of the Muladhara, the root chakra. Chakras being energy wheels with in the energetic field or light body of all human beings. The root chakra deals with the right to exist. It is our base survival instinct. When working on the root chakra you are dealing with all elemental functions of the physical and material plane.

There is a concept in gnostic mystical beliefs of a possibility to awaken the divine energy in each of us and this energy will pass through the seven portals of existence and consciousness until it connects directly with God, or divine enlightenment. You find references to this energy and people who have experienced it in religions world wide. The ancient Hindus called it the kundalini and liken it to a sleeping serpent who once awakened rises through the energy centers until emerging through the seventh chakra located near the top of our heads.When the divine serpent awakens she really shakes things up, for people unprepared for the experience it can definitely cause some emotional and psychic disturbances. The sleeping serpent resides in the Muladhara until awake.

I find it interesting that these two first circles were located in fields of rice as well. Most of the population of this world survives on rice. Many of the people surviving on this plant are the workers of our planet. They toil in the physical plane long days with much worry about survival.

These first two formations seem to be saying, Hey look, look at the extreme upheaval your planet is now enduring on it’s physical plane. These crazy natural disasters are occurring everywhere with more and more frequency. Your planetary root chakra is out of whack. There are so many people on your planet who wake up each day with just one thought. Survive.

And at the same time they seem to be saying. Your planet too has a light body and chance to awaken. Feel the kundalini rumble. Focus on the health of your planet, focus on your fellow human beings and focus on moving your race of beings onto the next 6 chakras. All is not lost.


The Seven Chakras


CROP CIRCLES : My intial posting

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Largest recorded crop circle

August 12, 2001. Milk Hill, Wiltshire.

Over the years it has always been my wish to follow closely the development of the yearly crop circles. Starting with this post I am going to report on the formations as they occur. Since the early nineties this phenomenon has occurred with more and more frequency.  The “modern-day” formations started with real zest in 1978 but the formations have been occurring for centuries.  Most occur in the general area of Stonehenge, Southern England in the UK. Though they have been found world-wide from Canada to most recently Indonesia (Jan 23, 2011), they have been seen on every continent. Some have even been recorded as occurring in snow and desert sands.
Ancient and medieval people saw the formations as the work of the devil or the “little people” or fairies. Today we still are not sure what cause the formations. For those who pay attention though it’s pretty obvious it’s not the work of two men named Dave and Doug as claimed by a couple of frauds back in 1991. Many of the circles contain precise and complex mathematical accuracy. One occurring in 2001 measured 800 feet across, contained 409 perfect circles and popped up overnight. In fact one of the larger parts of the mystery is how quickly the pictographs form. There has been some recorded scientific evidence showing balls of light energy interacting with the crops and causing an extreme and quick reaction which create the shapes. The origin or nature of the orbs is still under scrutiny and debate. Is this a macro, visible natural occurrence mimicking the microcosmos fractal patterns found all through out the universe or is it a separate intelligence that is trying to convey a message to the human race? Perhaps it is both.
It is my personal belief that there is a higher power and intelligence in this universe. That the HOW and WHO of the message is not as important as the fact that a message is being sent. There is very strong evidence that a message is being sent. Math has been called a universal langue and is considered natural law, a way to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Man has communicated amongst himself and across the centuries through symbol. It makes complete logical sense that we, mankind, are being communicated with through geometric symbols. Three impressive examples of direct communication that are hard to mis-interpret occurred : 1) August 20, 2011, the crop circle reflection or answer to our (humanity’s) 1974 SETI binary space transmission 2) August 15, 2002, the alien grey code and 3) June 1, 2008, the formation of PI.
I do not claim to be an expert in the world of crop circles. Nor do I claim to be the most scholarly of observers. It will not be my intent to disseminate my informational interpretations as fact but rather food for thought. I do believe that these messages belong to us all. The more people seeking to find the heart of the phenomenon through critical and thoughtful analysis, the better. There is an-other consciousness working to convey something to humanity, I think the least we can do is give our focused attention.
PI crop circle

June 1, 2008. PI crop circle.August 12, 2001


binary reaction crop circle code SETI

August 20, 2002

grey alien binary code formation
August 15, 2001