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Design Meanings: The Duat

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duat egyptian door to the afterlife

The Duat

The Duat is an ancient Egyptian symbol or hieroglyph of a five pointed star surrounded by a circle. Written about in all the major funerary texts of the ancients, the Duat described the journey undertaken by the soul after death. Often times the Duat was described as a realm or an object the soul had to pass through to reach their final destination, the Lands of the Gods.  Many Egyptologists see the Duat as a symbolic reference for what happens when the pharaoh dies. Ancient alien theorist Zachariah Sitchin has this to say, “ Treating the Journey’s details in those texts as factual geographic and topographic indicators, I have concluded that the Duat was located in the central plain of the Sinai peninsula – the site of the Anunnaki’s post Diluvial spaceport.”

The ancient alien theory also believes there was a landing strip for aircraft built into the Cedar Mountains of Lebanon. Indeed there is an enormous man made, long and narrow, level place high in the mountains created out of perfectly shaped limestone blocks. The theory is that these sky gods of the ancient Egyptians used various markers both in the sky and on Earth to be able to land their craft on this “Landing Place”. What would the markers have been? Archeologists have long wondered at the purpose of the Pyramids at Giza, believing them to be tombs, yet there has been no evidence of such. These pyramids were the first to be fully covered with smooth, highly reflective limestone, making them clearly visible from space. The four shafts in the Great Pyramid in ancient times clearly showed, 4 constellations or stars back at the time of it’s building. These were: Sirius; Zeta Orionis, the brightest star of the Orion Belt; Alpha Draconis, and Beta Ursa minor. At the time these four stars were also the two equinoctial and the two-solstitial stars, aligning themselves at various times of the year with the Earth’s horizon. The three pyramids themselves were aligned perfectly with one of the easiest to find constellations in the night sky, the three stars of Orion’s Belt. Using the stars as markers aligned with the Earth one could easily find the pyramids. Once found and using two peaks in the Ararat Mountains that mimic perfectly the size and shape of the two bigger pyramids, an aircraft could triangulate position and fly straight up the center line of the perceived triangle to land safely on the long, flat, perfectly crafted landing strip in the mountains of Lebanon. Using a shortened triangulated formula, one also could find the post Diluvial spaceport, which lies directly on the same triangular median.

The bottom symbols of the design show the etymology of the word “god(s)” in ancient hieroglyphs. The very earliest symbol (to the left) resembles quite closely the symbol for star or planet, as it proceeds in age it comes much closer to the Christian symbol for God, the cross.

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For more reading on this subject heres a really interesting link! Giza Pyramids


CROP CIRCLES : My intial posting

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Largest recorded crop circle

August 12, 2001. Milk Hill, Wiltshire.

Over the years it has always been my wish to follow closely the development of the yearly crop circles. Starting with this post I am going to report on the formations as they occur. Since the early nineties this phenomenon has occurred with more and more frequency.  The “modern-day” formations started with real zest in 1978 but the formations have been occurring for centuries.  Most occur in the general area of Stonehenge, Southern England in the UK. Though they have been found world-wide from Canada to most recently Indonesia (Jan 23, 2011), they have been seen on every continent. Some have even been recorded as occurring in snow and desert sands.
Ancient and medieval people saw the formations as the work of the devil or the “little people” or fairies. Today we still are not sure what cause the formations. For those who pay attention though it’s pretty obvious it’s not the work of two men named Dave and Doug as claimed by a couple of frauds back in 1991. Many of the circles contain precise and complex mathematical accuracy. One occurring in 2001 measured 800 feet across, contained 409 perfect circles and popped up overnight. In fact one of the larger parts of the mystery is how quickly the pictographs form. There has been some recorded scientific evidence showing balls of light energy interacting with the crops and causing an extreme and quick reaction which create the shapes. The origin or nature of the orbs is still under scrutiny and debate. Is this a macro, visible natural occurrence mimicking the microcosmos fractal patterns found all through out the universe or is it a separate intelligence that is trying to convey a message to the human race? Perhaps it is both.
It is my personal belief that there is a higher power and intelligence in this universe. That the HOW and WHO of the message is not as important as the fact that a message is being sent. There is very strong evidence that a message is being sent. Math has been called a universal langue and is considered natural law, a way to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Man has communicated amongst himself and across the centuries through symbol. It makes complete logical sense that we, mankind, are being communicated with through geometric symbols. Three impressive examples of direct communication that are hard to mis-interpret occurred : 1) August 20, 2011, the crop circle reflection or answer to our (humanity’s) 1974 SETI binary space transmission 2) August 15, 2002, the alien grey code and 3) June 1, 2008, the formation of PI.
I do not claim to be an expert in the world of crop circles. Nor do I claim to be the most scholarly of observers. It will not be my intent to disseminate my informational interpretations as fact but rather food for thought. I do believe that these messages belong to us all. The more people seeking to find the heart of the phenomenon through critical and thoughtful analysis, the better. There is an-other consciousness working to convey something to humanity, I think the least we can do is give our focused attention.
PI crop circle

June 1, 2008. PI crop circle.August 12, 2001


binary reaction crop circle code SETI

August 20, 2002

grey alien binary code formation
August 15, 2001


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Enoch metatron's cube erin cadigan

Enoch turns into Metatron

The sacred geometry symbol in this design is Metatron’s cube. Inherent in the cube are the five platonic solids. Platonic solids are congurent regular polygons. A regular polygon is a three dimmensional shape whose angles are all the same and whose sides are all equal. What makes them congruent is that their faces are all the same size and shape as well. The five Platonic Solids implied by the two dimensional Metatron’s cube are: Star Tetrahedron, Hexadron (cube), Octahedron, Dodecahedron, and Icosahedron.

The prophet Enoch is seen driving a fiery chariot into the the symbol. Enoch was the great-grandfather of Noah and the seventh generational decendent of Adam and Eve. He is written about in the Biblical book of Genesis and The New Testament as well as in the Book of Enoch, Enoch2 (Slavonic), and in one of the Dead Sea Scrolls known as Enoch 3. It is said in these historic accounts that Enoch never died. According to the records Enoch lived on Earth 365 years and was accended to Heaven with out ever dying. The records state that Enoch accended into Heaven and was returned bodily to Earth on several occassions before the final time he was taken up. The horses and fiery chariot is a reference to the specifics of the prophet Elijah’s ascension as the method of Enochs ascension is never described. The chariot itself is a reference to the “Winged Disk” motif found through out the ancient Middle East.

In Enoch 1 and Enoch 2 it is stated that Enoch was transformed into the angel Metatron before the face of God.  This creates for the Earthly Enoch a heavenly counter-part or twin, making him to be both Enoch and Metatron at once. In both Enoch 2 and Enoch 3 the “face of God” is described as a face of fire, “a glorious brilliance”.  Later Merkabah accounts catagorize Metatron as the Face of God. Medieval Jewish mystical texts refer to Metatron as the scribe of God, an angel of the highest power, who is the only angel allowed to sit in the presence of the Lord. He is seated to the right, behind the throne of God.

“This Enoch whose flesh was turned to flame, his veins to fire, his eyelashes to flashes of lightening, his eye balls to flaming torches and who God placed on a throne next to the throne of glory, recieved after this heavenly transformation the name of Metatron.

–Enoch 3


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